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I still remember back in 1984, watching the Superbowl and seeing Ridley Scott’s instantly-famous advertisement for the Macintosh computer. At the time, I was switching back and forth between programming on my outdated TRS-80 and my shiny new Apple IIe, with two floppy drives and a hi-res color screen.

It was obvious to anyone that IBM was portrayed as akin to the Evil Empire.  Apple would do anything to ensure they were different and not destined for the suit-and-tie crowd.

Skip forward thirty years and IBM announces a key partnership with Apple ostensibly to bring Apple Devices into the corporate world in a way that BYOD has not.  Many are suggesting the IBM deal will allow Apple access to more Cloud Development resources, while giving IBM the edge in devices used to access those resources.  I’ve even seen authors go as far as declaring an early death to Microsoft as a result of the deal.

This morning, I read another take – one I honestly hadn’t thought of.  How well will IBM and Apple play together in the corporate space. Sure, with BYOD, users handle their own installations and software maintenance. With corporate devices, however, the company usually needs to retain control for security and auditing reasons.  Many are stating that IBM will have a difficult time convincing Apple that users will not be allowed into the iTunes store or that users can customize the Apple devices to their expectations.

It may be this lack of ability to customize Apple products that will give devices made for the Android OS an edge in the corporate world in the long run.

Time will tell




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Advocacy Groups Push Coding as a Core Curriculum for Schools

A few months ago, I expressed concern that US schools weren’t focusing on Computer Science as part of their curriculum.

Today, it is good to see an article showing another call for schools to move towards teaching software coding as a part of the curriculum. This article in Government Technology Magazine discusses the growing call for schools to focus on software coding,  as lobbied by

Here are some of the giants in the industry relating why learning to code is so important -

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How to Remember More From Meetings

I love taking notes in meetings.

The only way to remember and organize meetings is to take notes – your memory can only hold so-much.

I’ve been doing this for years. Just last year I discussed the process while using a new tablet.    In You’ll Absorb More if You Take Notes in Longhand, the Harvard Business Review, it has been confirmed that taking notes by hand is 65% more effective than taking the same notes using a laptop or desktop computer.  The original work cited (paywall blocked) states that the over 300 subjects were studied to see whether taking notes for a lecture by pen or on a computer would yield better retention. Turns out that the processing of information required to write allowed for better recall of the information.



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