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Just saw a few articles pop up on the Twitter radar this morning regarding the Nexus 10 tablet. Since the tablet has become my main computing device for most tasks – with the exception of programming and application testing – it is always interesting to see what it is out there.


The first was from Android Authority. It contained some good tips for the Nexus user. Most interesting for me was the Daydream  functionality.

What was most interesting was the review from an iPad user.  This review was written from the perspective of someone who mostly uses iDevices. Having used an iPad a few times, I can dismiss the review. I find iPads mostly harmless but not as effective as the Android devices. In any case, I bring up this article to highlight one feature. In iDevices, the user is given a stock experience,whereas those of us using Android devices like to “have it our way.”  This ability may seem frustrating to some, but only shows that the devices are extremely powerful with the power-user in-mind.



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One comment on “Nexus 10 Articles
  1. Mark Hamsted says:

    Oh, thank you! Thank you! I LOVE my N10 and this info is awesome!!

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