Stragegic vs. Annual Goals

“A goal without a dream is just a wish.” – Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

This Friday’s post will be about defining goals at an annual versus at a strategic level.
I opened this post with a well-worn phrase. It is always good to keep in mind. As a manager I’m tasked with defining annual goals. Every July, I create three to six goals, which must have measurable and achievable results. Of course these goals follow the SMART philosophy. (So named after an acronym described in a 1981 article by George Doran in which goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.)

These results must be accomplished within one year. Often the annual goals are considered “milestones” within one or more strategic goals. In this manner, the strategic goals can be broken down into more mini-goals. These would be steps to accomplish the strategic goal and allow for consistent progress towards that strategic goal. Of course, as the annual goals are completed, the strategic goal may need to be adjusted based on changing market or other factors.

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One comment on “Stragegic vs. Annual Goals
  1. roger duncan says:

    This was an excellent article. Few people know the difference. I like to set five year, one year, and monthly goals. I may not always reach them, but at least I know what to shoot for.

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