Who Owns Your Mobile Device?

For much of the past year, it is well known that Samsung shipped then was forced to recall 2.56 million Note 7 units after some devices caught fire or even exploded.

In order to ensure customers were not hurt – and to save the company, Samsung took the additional step of deactivating devices still out in the wild.


This brings up a good question posed by MSN last week – who actually owns the device?


It is a valid question. On the original IBM PC and on every PC sold since then, a user can wipe the OS, install any compatible OS, and the manufacturer has no recourse other than to void the warranty. On a mobile device, however, one cannot install IOS on an Android phone or Windows 10 on an Iphone. In fact, the article argues that we are moving from ownership to a quasi-lease. You may own the hardware, but are only using/leasing the underlying software and capabilities.

This could bring up some serious questions in the future as mobile device usage becomes even more prevalent than now.

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