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Iv’e recently read two Malcolm Gladwell’s books, “Blink,” and “The Tipping Point” and enjoyed both.  Gladwell recently wrote an article for Inc on the One Character Trait That Will Make You Disruptive .  He relates a story of Malcom McLean – the trucking entrepreneur who revolutionized shipping by introducing shipping containers so freight could be loaded directly onto trucks from cargo ships. Sometimes, all it takes is the attitude to want something different and the desire to make it happen.




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Windows OS X – Revenge of the Start Menu

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled the Technical Preview of Windows 10, skipping over Windows 9.   I went ahead and downloaded the new OS and installed it in a Virtual Machine to take a look around. Unfortunately, they seem to have gone back to the now 20-year-old Start Menu design, instead of the clean look see in Windows 8/8.1.



I don’t have a tablet running Windows at this time, but would be curious to see how the Windows 95-era Start Menu will perform or scale on a touchscreen.

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Windows as a Service – Windows over the Threshold

Today the world is being introduced to Windows Threshold, the first release of Windows 10 (not sure what happened to 9).    I caught an article yesterday discussing why Windows 10 will be a drastic change for the developers. Of note is that the Unified Operating Systems Group is moving to a more agile development methodology, with only one month between updates. This goes along with the Windows as a Service model we’ve been seeing recently.

Here’s the article - Why Microsoft’s engineering changes will be the real Windows 9 Threshold story | ZDNet.



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