The Future of Computing?

I’ve been reading for years that PC sales are falling. In what was described as the post-PC era, we were all supposedly buying tablets. I have my fair share between three Android tablets and a Windows tablet.

Now, today, I see two conflicting articles.  The first I saw described how Intel is hoping the decline in PC sales will be halted with their newest chipset, SkylakeMobileDevices

The second, then discusses how those same tablets we’re all supposedly buying are not going to be the PC-killer after all.  What does this leave us with? I find myself using my smartphone for many tasks previously done on a PC. With a 6″ screen, I’m able to conduct most business I needed on a PC. Also, the device is always with me.

However, I’m wondering what will happen with the new wearables market. Many of my peers now have either a Fitbit, iWatch, or a Band.  Can implantibles be far behind?



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Why Won’t Flash Die?

I’ve been long advocating the demise of Adobe Flash.  While it sounded like a decent idea back in the last decade.  Even Steve Jobs

Recently, the exploits have been coming fast and furious.  I posted on Twitter – – a few weeks ago when the last one came out.

Yet, I’m still stuck using Flash in many of my daily activities.



I’ve resorted to creating a virtual machine running Windows 7 and Firefox with Flash 10.1 just for this purpose. The only use for this VM is to run Flash-based applications within our Corporate WAN.

So why won’t flash simply go away? Fast Company has a great article on just this issue.  In their article, they discuss how millions of users are still on older browsers which do not support HTML 5 or next generation scripting.

Yet, this week, both Amazon and Google have taken steps to warn users about Flash content.  These events come as news broke that security holes patched in Flash last month have already been breached.

Here’s to hoping!




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Samsung 18″ tablet.

I remember back in 2007 when Microsoft first announced the Milan ( ) project. This was a change to traditional computing where a person interacted with a touch screen table instead of  a keyboard.


Microsoft then went a step further a few years back and announced the oversized Surface multimedia coffee table –

Though those devices were nothing more than prototypes and never saw much int he way of production, they did show designers and users what could be.

Enter Samsung

According to many sources, Samsung is now creating a new 18″ Android tablet.


The sources do not state when this Lollipop-based device will be released. However, I see it possibly starting a new trend towards ever-larger tablets. This would be a far cry from when I first started using a 7″ tablet in 2012 –



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