The Year of the Linux Desktop?

As I’ve often documented, I became a Linux evangelist for several years. This was done not from some notion of open source or free software philosophy, simply as a result of the lack of solid consumer operating systems in the early 2000’s. Windows XP was a horrendous excuse for an upgrade from 2000 and the PC’s produced by the Cult Of Mac simply didn’t have the enterprise tools needed to be competitive.

I kept reading about how the current year would be the “year of the linux desktop.”  In that year, Linux would finally overtake Windows and Macintosh to be the dominant PC operating system.  Of course, this has yet to happen. In fact, ZDNet recently had a fantastic piece on why.

In Why There Will Never be a Year of the Linux Desktop, Steven Vaughn-Nichols argues that Windows, Macintosh, and even Linux are fading in terms of relevancy and being replaced by cloud based systems. Of course, he points out that many of these are Linux-based, but that many systems won’t be desktops at all.

Interesting thought.



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The Future of Computing?

I’ve been reading for years that PC sales are falling. In what was described as the post-PC era, we were all supposedly buying tablets. I have my fair share between three Android tablets and a Windows tablet.

Now, today, I see two conflicting articles.  The first I saw described how Intel is hoping the decline in PC sales will be halted with their newest chipset, SkylakeMobileDevices

The second, then discusses how those same tablets we’re all supposedly buying are not going to be the PC-killer after all.  What does this leave us with? I find myself using my smartphone for many tasks previously done on a PC. With a 6″ screen, I’m able to conduct most business I needed on a PC. Also, the device is always with me.

However, I’m wondering what will happen with the new wearables market. Many of my peers now have either a Fitbit, iWatch, or a Band.  Can implantibles be far behind?



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Why Won’t Flash Die?

I’ve been long advocating the demise of Adobe Flash.  While it sounded like a decent idea back in the last decade.  Even Steve Jobs

Recently, the exploits have been coming fast and furious.  I posted on Twitter – – a few weeks ago when the last one came out.

Yet, I’m still stuck using Flash in many of my daily activities.



I’ve resorted to creating a virtual machine running Windows 7 and Firefox with Flash 10.1 just for this purpose. The only use for this VM is to run Flash-based applications within our Corporate WAN.

So why won’t flash simply go away? Fast Company has a great article on just this issue.  In their article, they discuss how millions of users are still on older browsers which do not support HTML 5 or next generation scripting.

Yet, this week, both Amazon and Google have taken steps to warn users about Flash content.  These events come as news broke that security holes patched in Flash last month have already been breached.

Here’s to hoping!




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