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Why Won’t Flash Die?

I’ve been long advocating the demise of Adobe Flash.  While it sounded like a decent idea back in the last decade.  Even Steve Jobs Recently, the exploits have been coming fast and furious.  I posted on Twitter – https://twitter.com/PerfectReign/status/621077552203870208 – a

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As I’ve mentioned previously, the trend in information technology design has been for a shift from desktop computing to mobile computing. While many things are still done better at a desk with a full-size keyboard. This post, for example, was

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Android vs. iOS in the enterprise – ZDNet

I still remember back in 1984, watching the Superbowl and seeing Ridley Scott’s instantly-famous advertisement for the Macintosh computer. At the time, I was switching back and forth between programming on my outdated TRS-80 and my shiny new Apple IIe,

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